Getting to know…Rebecca Dixon

Rebecca is a Legal Director in our Commercial Property team – but dig deeper and you’ll find passions including problem-solving, Exmoor and the great outdoors .

What is your position at Thrings?

I specialise in development – particularly housing development. I’m privileged to work with a wide variety of colleagues across the firm, including our Planning, Agriculture, and Restructuring and Insolvency teams.

Why did you decide to follow the career you are in now?

I was fairly focused on a career in the law from secondary school age. I liked problem-solving, writing, narratives and working with words, so law was an obvious choice. My interest in landscapes and how people relate to them probably had a lot to do with me going into development work.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Reading – almost anything but C.J. Sansom is a particular favourite. I love horse-riding, racing , exploring and gardening.

What would you do if you won the lottery?

I’d buy a farm and move to Exmoor. It’s a part of the country I love very much and has played a big part in my life at various times. It’s also been home to many of the people I admire most. I love the wide open moors and being able to run across them without gates or interruptions for miles. Then in the valleys there are intricate, complex woodlands and streams. And of course, there are the amazing Exmoor ponies – one of our most ancient breeds and brilliantly adapted to their environment. The animals and plants found on Exmoor are extraordinarily varied. It’s a truly magical place.

Name one thing that helps make your day better?

Knowing there’s another one tomorrow and with luck I’ll get to take part.

Which three people – living or dead - would you invite to your fantasy dinner party?

Ranulph Fiennes (adventurer, explorer and writer), Hope Bourne (countrywoman, writer and artist) and Brian May (Queen guitar legend and campaigner). I hope they would all get on, though we might have to steer around a few subjects. Good beer and wine would help things along, I feel. Brian May’s presence would blow my guitar-mad daughter’s mind…

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