Getting to know... Rosalyn Trotman

Rosalyn Trotman is a Partner in our Planning team and heads up our Development of Land team but is also an expert in the best local countryside walks featuring pubs!  


Why did you decide to follow the career you are in now?

I was choosing my A-level subjects and a careers advisor suggested I try Law. I really enjoyed learning about all the cases so I decided to continue with Law at University. I took a few years to travel the world after my degree, and when I got back to the UK I was fortunate to get a job at Wiltshire Council assisting in their litigation team. It was a great experience which made me want to qualify as a solicitor. I went onto to get my post-graduate qualification whilst working with the Council and completed my training before qualifying into planning law.  

Tell us a little about your work?

I specialise in Planning Law acting for developers, housebuilders, promoters, investors and landowners on a range of development schemes. In particular, I negotiate infrastructure agreements, advise on policy and legislation and help to resolve issues that may arise during the planning process. I work alongside my colleagues in our property and construction teams to provide our clients with all the support they need through various stages of the development process. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

The last few years has been spent renovating my house; a classic 1930s semi-detached project with the obligatory layers of wallpaper, 1980s decor and avocado bathroom suite - it's the gift that keeps on giving with the never-ending jobs to do!... It has certainly given me another perspective on construction projects! 

I also have a cocker spaniel called Sammy who loves a walk of course. I have been working my way through the AllTrails app recommended walks over the last few years. I am now an expert on the local countryside walks featuring pub pitstops. 

What is the best place you have ever travelled to and why?

It's very hard to choose just one! I love to travel and covered a lot in the few years after University that I spent travelling the world which included the Mongol rally route, China, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and South East Asia. If pushed then I would have to say the most amazing trip I have done was a boat trip around remote islands of the Philippines -  there was no running water for the week but who cares when you get to swim with turtles and sleep on beautiful golden beaches! 

What would you do if you won the lottery?

This is a very popular topic of discussion in my house! Of course, my answer would include all the usual suspects - book a luxury holiday, do something lovely with family and friends, give some to charity - but it would also be amazing to buy an apartment in the Alps for an annual skiing trip with friends. 

What makes you happy?

Lots of things - wine with friends, good food, visiting new places to name but a few. 


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