Giving separating couples a route to an amicable divorce

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Divorce is rarely a pleasant experience for couples but by taking a proactive and joined-up approach, it can at least be simple and efficient.

With so many areas of the couple’s shared life needing to be addressed – for example the division of assets, maintenance and arrangements around children and pets – achieving a quick resolution and ending on amicable terms can be a challenge. Working as a couple with one lawyer is one way they can separate together.

Making separation easier

This isn’t to say that a “successful” divorce is out of the question, however, and there are several key areas that can help find the solutions to make things easier on the mind and the pocket.

  • Reducing conflict and stress: Encouraging a cooperative atmosphere. By working together and focusing on finding mutually beneficial solutions, it reduces the likelihood of conflicts and stress usually associated with divorce proceedings;
  • Enhancing communication: Finding and establishing a common goal between the couple can help encourage open and respectful communication in a safe and supported environment;
  • Finding tailored solutions: Giving couples more input and control by actively participating in discussions, helping them to achieve their unique needs and priorities;
  • Keeping it cost-effective: Proceedings are often very expensive so finding ways to work cooperatively can play a big part in ensuring each side retains their assets, rather than tying up cash in legal bills;
  • Privacy and confidentiality: Court hearings are open to the public which can be problematic for couples who don’t want their personal information being on show for all to see, so finding a way to keep matters discreet is always welcome;
  • Getting a faster resolution: A cooperative approach can also much more efficient than divorce litigation and anything that can save both time and emotional energy will allow couples to move forward with their lives sooner.

How can you get all this?

Removing the adversarial side to divorce is simpler than it sounds if couples are prepared to work together with a prime example of successful separation being through the One Couple One Lawyer divorce process.

This approach to divorce and separation, as the name suggests, involves a single lawyer advising and assisting both sides to encourage collaboration with clear guidance to meet their individual needs at every stage of the process.

Whilst not necessarily suitable for all couples going through a separation, One Couple One Lawyer has proven to be to be a valuable alternative to traditional divorce, offering a range of benefits that promote a more positive and mindful transition.

As well as keeping costs lower by only requiring the services of a single lawyer, One Couple One Lawyer encourages amicability between parties, encouraging them to work together in securing an overall optimal solution. The privacy of discussions in turn removes the risk of sensitive matters being made public by removing the need for court hearings.

Ultimately, working together with a single lawyer gives separating couples more say over the settled agreement, ensuring it is right for the family, and removes the need for a judge to make the final decision.

Kate Barber, Partner in the Thrings Family team and One Couple One Lawyer practitioner, said: “For most separating couples, the main objective for them is to have a quick and painless divorce and by taking a cooperative approach, the One Couple One Lawyer process can ensure the ordeal is efficient with both of their interests being treated as a priority.”

Thrings Family lawyers are experienced in all areas of the law that are close to home. Whether it is marriages and pre-nuptial agreements, or divorces and separations, they will put your best interests first, taking the time to get to know you so that you are supported with sound advice tailored to your needs. To find out more, get in contact or visit our new One Couple One lawyer page.

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