Goodbye 2015

The cradle of Western civilisation

Greece an overspending nation

Bailouts galore, millions borrowed each day

But Greece is saved and moussaka will stay

The UK election, Tory versus Labour

Not so in Scotland where Sturgeon’s in favour

Ukip and Farage fail to deliver

And poor old Nick Clegg is chopped onion and liver

Blatter and FIFA’s balls are deflated

Athletics and Russia corrupt and berated

Our heroes are Murray, Ennis and Froome

Lewis and Rutherford help lift the sporting gloom

The Rugby World Cup lands firm on our shores

Japan topple Bokke, as All Blacks do roar

And what of old England? No wind in her sails

Wallabashed by the Aussies and toppled by Wales!

Paris sees dark days but the city stays strong

The struggle for peace will be lasting and long

Stability comes in the form of our Queen

Outlasting Victoria in duty serene

And what of your poet, the Welshman from Thrings?

I wish you a New Year of wonderful things

Thank you for reading, what a pleasure it’s been

And here’s to success in 2016

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