Should I stay or should I go?

The question itself was succinctly worded by The Clash in what was their biggest hit, ‘Should I stay or should I go?’. In the next couple of months I suspect whoever owns the royalties to that record will be buying a bigger car.

Joe Public has a rather large decision on its hands and I’m not sure we’re well enough informed to act. The ‘peer’ group of Lord Rose and Baroness Brady are telling us we are stronger in Europe. Nige and his entourage are telling us we’re failing in a broken system and need to make a break. Much like the hype surrounding the General Election I suspect we’re going to be swamped with soundbites, interviews, television collages and plenty of on-screen 24-hour news graphics. Has Cameron already sold the family silver or will his proposed reforms actually have any teeth?

It seems to me that this decision is a much more important one than a simple General Election. Its outcome will be felt by generations to come and I honestly don’t believe we currently know enough to make an informed choice. So while The Clash will win the royalties battle, the musical backdrop seems a little bit more ‘hokey cokey’ to me (“You put your left leg in, your left leg out, you do the hokey cokey and you shake it all about…..”)

What do you think? Does staying in leave you with the whiff of a “Euro-Sceptic Tank”, or would leaving forever dull your Eurovision?

Finally, I’ve mentioned The Clash and the ‘hokey cokey’. More Euro musical suggestions appreciated please.  I’ll start you off: Europe – ‘The Final Countdown’.

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