Is it me?

Hello folks. Hope you all had a great summer and enjoyed the warm weather. For once we Brits can’t complain about that, can we?

We can, however, complain about what September has brought so far on the Brexit front. I’m really sorry but after gentle blogs about music and memories, Brexit has yet again got my goat and I’ve pulled up my ranting sleeves.

Whether you voted to remain or to leave, you can’t help feeling like it’s all spiralling out of control. There seems to be a real danger that we’re charging full speed ahead into a granite wall.

The irony is that I should surely be worrying about Europe and its united stance ‘against’ us. But I’m not. I’m more concerned about our nation’s propensity to rip itself apart. Whether you’re green, red, blue, orange, or a combination of them all, surely now is the time to be grabbing the imaginary rope, counting to three and pulling in the same direction for the good of the country.

Isn’t that common sense?

Instead we have politicians ripping into each other rather than circling the wagons; 24-hour news from a doom-laden media who seem to enjoy exaggerating our position; high profile politicians like Boris and Jacob Rees-Mogg attacking the PM at every chance; the PM trying to fight back but being undermined from within her own party and beyond. And what’s more, Labour seems to have forgotten Brexit is happening. It’s a crazy position to try and negotiate from.

Whatever the reality of each other’s positions, and however juicy the negative reporting might be, surely the whole rabble would have been better off getting together in a room, acknowledging their differences - frankly going nuts if they have to – and agreeing that as far as the world and certainly Europe are concerned, we are together, consistent and strong of both mind and will. Our press should be reeling out stories of stoic British brilliance, stability, tolerance and democracy.

It’s like anything in life, if you start from a position of weakness and fragility you’re on the back foot before you’ve even started. So come on political leaders and members of the press: let’s put on a good show and keep the bloody noses and bruised lips behind closed doors. I genuinely couldn’t give a hoot about your political aspirations or whether or not you win a Sony award for reporting, I care about what comes after Brexit and the impact it will have on my kids and grandkids. Grow up!

There. I feel a bit better now.

By the way, my last Is It Me? on music and memories really seemed to strike a chord. I’m amazed at how many other children of my generation were subjected to both country music and British designed cars. The Princess was the tip of the iceberg. The Morris Marina, the Austin Maxi and Allegro. What on earth were they thinking?

Until next time.

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