Is it me? John Davies simply wants to say thank you

As many of you will know, I often use my ‘Is it me?’ column to whinge and whine about things that are on my mind and annoy me at the time of writing.

I’ve moaned about litter, politics, bad driving, rudeness and poor sales techniques. I’ve also written awful poetry and reflected on various subjects which interest me, including (in no particular order): whether to wear a tie to meetings; the awkwardness of the business greeting; the dying art of hand-written letters; people who go out to dinner and stare at their phones; and the misuse of the word ‘like’ in sentences.

Well this time I’m not whinging or moaning. Like many businesses we’ve just had our year-end and I just wanted to say thank you.

Thank you to all my clients – your instructions have kept me busy and contributed to my mortgage, my holidays and my weight. You constantly surprise me with your brilliance. If I have one gripe it’s that you keep coming up with so many great ideas. I just put the Meccano in place. Please keep innovating, inventing and growing. It’s what you do and I appreciate you involving me.

Thank you to my professional network – your introductions, assistance and value-add have been absolutely essential. I also greatly appreciate the fact that most of you thoroughly enjoy ripping it out of me on a regular basis. I know you only do it to hide your own insecurities and you’re not as funny as you think you are, but with you lot in my corner it’s easy to remain humble!

Finally thank you to my fantastic team at Thrings – a talented, hard working, intelligent and funny bunch…and some are even Welsh (which we all know is a blessing). Coming into work is (usually) a pleasure and not just because I have my own parking space. I don’t know what we’ve got here; it’s hard to put my finger on it. If I could I’d bottle it and sell it I’d make millions, which would be nice.

So there you have it. No moaning. No ranting. Thank you everyone, I don’t say it often enough.

And just in case some of you’re worried I’ve gone soft, you’ll be pleased to know I’ve still got plenty of gripes in the locker: people without kids who park in the parent spaces at supermarkets; drivers that don’t indicate at roundabouts; chaps that wear their jeans so low that I can see their pants; shops which are too posh to feel comfortable enough to actually shop in.

I’ve got my eye on you!


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