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I hope everyone had a great start to the year and have already started to set the world alight in 2023. Why wouldn’t you? The start of a new year is always very exciting and full of optimism, but don’t worry, I won’t let you down.

In 2023 I’ll still have plenty to moan about in my Is It Me? column. With the festive season long behind us and every opportunity to grumble still ahead, my first foray of the year into the pools of misery will be to talk about parking, parking etiquette and the ‘selfish few’. Why is it that some, perfectly healthy, unencumbered adults see fit to ignore the obvious signage and park in spaces which have been set aside for those with disabilities and/or children in tow?

What is wrong with these people? Are they unbelievably lazy or are they so full of arrogance that they just don’t care about others? I suspect it’s a combination of both…

As someone who frequently provides transport to a Blue Badge holder, and someone who had two young kids to contend with for a number of years I can confirm that these spaces are really helpful, and necessary for those in need.

Some people have mobility issues. Some people need the extra space to sort out car seats and wriggling little ones. Some people don’t and are simply selfish. Virtually every time I go to a supermarket these days, I witness a delightful soul parking in a ‘designated space’, then jump out of their car like an Olympic athlete, not a care in the world, not a child in sight and not a blue badge to be seen. There are always plenty of other spaces – just a little further away. You know who you are, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

By the way, if your ‘child’ is old enough to shop online, swim unaccompanied in the ocean, climb an indoor sports tower, work a Saturday job, do 100 push ups and fly a plane then they are probably old enough to walk the extra 50 yards from a normal space!

I’d also like to take the time to salute those wonderful citizens who park (very often expensive cars) across two parking spaces. Oh, how we enjoy and respect your sense of self-importance! And what about the parking super heroes who park on double yellow lines or half way on the pedestrian pavement? Bless your cotton socks. Whatever you’re doing must be super important - just like you.

So, am I over reacting? Am I being unfair? You tell me. It always makes make think about the premiership footballer, (from one of the London clubs), who would constantly park on double yellow lines or in disabled spaces when shopping in London, because he could easily afford the fines. What a lovely fellow.

Anyway, I feel better now. Rant over. Next on my list? Who knows – unwelcome graffiti, litter, shopping trolleys dumped in streams - I’m coming for you! Want to discuss any issues raised in this article contact John Davies.

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