Looking after our private clients

We live in an increasingly complicated world. Families have become extended, divorce is more prevalent, we move around more and own more property and of course the myriad of ever-changing tax regimes means that it can overwhelming to know how best to benefit and protect our families and businesses.

At Thrings, our Private Client team prides itself on understanding the personal legal issues everyone faces, whether in business or private life. We are an experienced team of knowledgeable and down-to-earth lawyers, who understand these issues and how to communicate them in plain English.

We are also a growing team both in number and region. The opening of our Romsey office has given us a much-needed presence on the south coast, where agriculture in particular is so strong.

Today sees the start of Thrings’ Private Client week, during which we will be discussing topics such as Succession Planning, Contentious Probate and divorce in greater detail across our social platforms and our website.

We start with our first piece of content around the subject of Lasting Powers of Attorney and the importance of having provisions in place sooner rather than later. To find out more please visit our Private Client team.