2017 was quite a year wasn’t it? Here’s what might happen in 2018…..who knows….?

Hello new year, how do you do? What secrets do you hold?

Will you be a passive year, or may be one that’s bold?

Will you remove our worries and make miracles appear,

Or will you bring us peace on Earth and take away our fear?


Will Mrs May grab Brexit and make it great for all?

Will she go five minutes without showing her ministers the door?

Will the cabinet reshuffle get results that are quite sweet,

Or will Jeremy and his Labour pals crash the doors of Downing Street?


Will our European cousins love us and show us they still care?

A lot depends on Juncker and whether the trade deal’s fair.

And as for Spain, it is no longer ‘dos cervezas por favor’,

Let’s hope they’re not looking down the barrel of a messy civil war.


Will Hollywood and film making get clean and lose the sleaze?

And put an end to moguls bringing the industry to its knees.

The Golden Globes have made a stand, will the Oscars be the same?

Will the miscreants be rooted out and hang their heads in shame?


And what of North Korea and their neighbours in the South?

As Kim Jong-un and Moon Jae-in swap military for mouth.

The North will dispatch some skaters to the Winter Olympic Games,

A far better thing to send, I think, than missiles and their flames.


And let’s not forget the Yanks, in the good old USA.

Will Donald Trump survive the next twelve months, or will Oprah save the day?

The midnight tweets, the hairstyle, the Russians and the rage,

Can he defy the critics, and play nicely on the world stage?


Importantly the rugby’s back, fresh out of the blocks,

Cardiff on the 3rd of Feb, the Taffs against the Jocks.

I’m hoping for a Grand Slam for the boys in shirts of red,

But the ones in white and blue and green would love the trophy instead.


So come on 2018, it’s high time you delivered something great,

No more mindless killings, no more sleaze and no more hate.

Give us a year of kindness, mixed in with a little fun,

And let the Welsh beat the English and silence Twickenham.


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