25th June 2020

Can a public right of way be claimed?

A public right of way (PROW) is a route running through a private property, village, town or area of countryside over which members of the public are permitted to pass.

When buying land with a PROW, a prospective owner may have to accept limits to their privacy, use and development of that land, while they will have to ensure the existing PROW remains open to the public and possibly contribute to its upkeep. Whilst inconvenient, these intrusions are part of the commercial compromise made during the purchase.

With issues surrounding PROWs and access to land often causing landowners a nuisance, Richie Rees, a chartered legal executive in Thrings’ Agriculture team, offers advice to Farmers Guardian readers on how to respond to PROW applications.

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For more information on this issue, please contact Richie Rees or another member of Thrings’ Agriculture team.

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