Destination Singapore

As one of the most dynamic and outward-looking countries in the world, the entrepreneurial Singapore has always looked for ways to promote itself – and the welfare of its people - by seeking overseas investment opportunities.

Indeed, the growth of its financial services, banking and IT sectors, together with an increased appetite to invest in Singapore real estate, has led to the city-state competing with Hong Kong to be the major financial centre in Asia-Pacific.

But according to Andrew Bond, a specialist consultant in Thrings’ international commercial property practice, business in these sectors is built on reputation and trust. And key to establishing trade and succeeding in Singapore is committing to long-term professional, business and personal relationships which are maintained and reinforced through regular personal, face-to-face meetings.

In its latest ‘trading in overseas markets’ article, Insider takes a look at the wealth of opportunities – and challenges – on offer across South East Asia, including how to establish successful trade links, working with exporters and navigating different cultures and approaches to business.

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