Housing: inconsistent planning process

“Some local authorities take the view that a developer cannot apply both the reduction in community infrastructure levy for floor space lawfully in use for six months in the last three-year period and the reduction in the provision of affordable housing under vacant building credit, despite a scheme complying with the requirements of both policy initiatives,” Ros told readers of the regional business magazine.

“Such reductions are often important to deliver viable development on brownfield sites that would not otherwise be progressed. More needs to be done by government and local authorities to support brownfield development schemes.”

Recent government statistics reveal a sharp decline in brownfield land used for housing across England in 2017/18, down to 32 per cent from 44 per cent the previous year. The ideal, according to Ros, would be to have clearer guidance on how policy initiatives should be applied in practice – and for greater weight to be attributed to these guidelines in order to give confidence to developers.

Delays is another issue plaguing the planning process. Please click here to read Ros’ comments in full, as published in the August edition of Insider South West.

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