Ready or not

Despite many businesses in the South West being unprepared for Brexit (see article here), some are pulling out all the stops to ensure their businesses don’t suffer come March 29.

Insider finds out what plans are being put in place across the region and Kate Westbrook, Commercial Contracts partner at Thrings, offers some words of advice.

“Business would do well to assess any contracts that involve EU players for their ability to withstand in a post-Brexit landscape, including new customs border requirements, duties and the delays that new checks may cause” she told Insider.

“Take the time to look at proposed new contracts to see if they could be affected by Brexit, for example, by price revision mechanisms, customs changes or responsibility for late delivery.

“If you provide goods or services to companies in the EU, a contract could provide you with some welcome security and certainty. If locking in your contracts, ensure the Brexit risk areas are identified and covered” she added.

To read the full article as featured in the January 2019 edition of Insider, please click here.

Keep up to date with what Brexit means for your business – including the possible impact of a no-deal Brexit – by visiting Thrings’ Business of Brexit pages or contacting Kate Westbrook.”

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