Ten minutes with Techies judge Kate Westbrook

Working with a range of technology businesses, from UK SMEs to multinational listed PLCs, Kate enjoys becoming part of the team and helping these innovative and fast-paced enterprises to grow.

Based in Swindon herself, she tells The Business Exchange how the tech sector in Wiltshire is in need of a spotlight – prompting her to get involved with The Techies. The awards, now in their second year, celebrate businesses’ technical innovations and a thriving tech community in Swindon and the wider region.

In her interview, Kate tells readers of the regional business publication how she came to be where she is – her legal ‘home’, Thrings, the work she is doing on app development, and what she admires about tech businesses.

Kate says: “There's something very exciting about working with tech businesses. They really make stuff happen and their "nothing is impossible” mind-set is irresistible. Plus, it's rewarding to see a business start with an idea, and to help them grow it into reality – however small our part is… Although Swindon and Wiltshire are particularly known for being home to a number of manufacturing giants, it’s exciting to see how tech has exploded here over a relatively short space of time.”


To read the full interview in The Business Exchange, please click here.

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