Thrings' first blockchain podcast

We are delighted to present the first Thrings Blockchain podcast with a range of thought leading contributers including: Dr Neil Pennington of the Energy Web Foundation, Rob Gaskell of 2030 Asset Management, Elliot Talbott of Bolt.Global, Erica Stanford of the Crypto Curry Club, Areiel Wolanow of Finserv Experts, Tony McGurk of CryptoCycle, Dickie Armour of Corre Energy, Steve Cochrane of Psyphr, Darren Talbott of DI Management and Erika Federis of Majestic Models.

In this podcast themed “Exciting use cases of blockchain technology”, we cover a variety of examples including the exciting work being done at CryptoCycle to improve our ability to recycle. We also discuss some uses of blockchain in energy and also why Libra is being so aggressively scrutinised by regulators.

Thanks to Erica Stanford and the Crypto Curry Club for bringing these incredible minds under one roof. Read more about the 20 September event here.

The next podcast will be recorded on 29 November 2019, when the club returns to Thrings' Bristol office.

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