Thrings helps surveyors swot up on property dispute clauses

Taking attendees through the use and abuse of the ‘without prejudice’ label at Novotel Bristol Centre on 14 March will be Amari, an associate in Thrings’ Property Litigation team.

Noting that the term only comes into play when there is a genuine dispute, a main take away from the session centres around the (in)admissibility of materials aimed at reaching settlement, where presented as evidence.

Matthew, also a property litigation associate at Thrings, will tackle ‘subject to contract’ labels, looking at the finer detail of: the protection afforded, when the label should be used, possible issues and common pitfalls.

Matthew will be prompting attendees to carefully consider the intentions of the parties in a dispute and whether to continue negotiations or be bound to the key terms proposed and agreed.

The seminar marks a continuation of the relationship between RICS and Thrings, with members of Thrings’ Property Litigation team regularly contributing to the industry body’s educational events, including the revered annual RICS South West seminar.

For more information about this RICS event – which delivers one hour of regionally-focused CPD learning – please click here.

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