The Breakfast Exchange launches in Bath

Thrings Business growth team host breakfast exchange in Bath

How can a business survive and thrive during turbulent times? This was the topic of discussion for the first instalment of The Breakfast Exchange.

Co-organised by The Business Exchange, Thrings Solicitors and accountants Richardson Swift, the new series will focus on the various challenges currently faced by businesses across the country, bringing together different sectors to inspire, inform and connect.

More than 60 representatives from businesses and charities across Bath were in attendance for the event, held at The Ivy in Bath on Thursday, March 2, to compare notes on the obstacles and opportunities that have been faced by those trying to grow a business in recent years, impacted by the likes of Covid, Brexit and the cost of living crisis.

Leading the panel were Thrings Partner Ramona Derbyshire and Richardson Swift Managing Director Debbie Boulton who discussed the importance and risks of growth, providing expert advice from their respective fields.

Ramona Derbyshire, Partner and Head of Business Growth, said: “Growth is always an objective for business leaders, but when there are significant challenges impacting the industry, this can cause it to slip down the list of priorities. This needn’t be the case and it is clear from the panel’s discussion today that success can come even during tough times."

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“It was great to see such a strong turnout for the first Breakfast Exchange event. Everyone came to engage, which was evident by the probing questions put to us, and I am really looking forward to tackling other pressing topics at future instalments this year.”

Debbie Boulton, Chartered Accountant and Managing Director at Richardson Swift, added: “Hosting an event can always be challenging in terms of getting the right speakers and topic, but certainly The Breakfast Exchange’ seems to have hit the right note! There was a great buzz in the room and lots of conversations going on as business owners discussed the challenges they are facing.

“The main focus for me today was ensuring local businesses know they have a wide range of fellow local businesses and advisers who can help them achieve success. There was also an overwhelmingly positive message coming from our business owners which can only stand the Bath economy in good stead for the year ahead.”

Joining the panel for the maiden event were Simon Rollings and Steph Wilder, respective founders of Bath-based firms Canned Wine Co and Good Day Café respectively, who talked about establishing their successful businesses during the pandemic and the lessons they learned in the process.

Simon Rollings, CEO and Founder of Canned Wine Co, said: “It was a pleasure to be a part of the panel to talk about my experience setting up and growing a business during the pandemic. It has certainly been a memorable few years and I enjoyed being able to share the story of Canned Wine Co., our very challenging start and how we have come to where we are today.”

Steph Wilder, Founder of Good Day Café, added: “It was great to share Good Day Café’s story so far and plans for 2023. This year we’re launching our alternative wedding cake service to complement our offering.”

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