19th May 2022

The mexican coast

Hi everyone - we're now on day 17 of our journey from Seattle to Panama. The first 10 days were cool, then comfortable, and we are now working hard to perform in high temperatures off the coast of Mexico.

We have light winds, sometimes dropping to almost nothing, but thanks to our strategy of using sea and land breezes we've performed better than most of our competitors in the conditions, and we're in the hunt for a good place finish. We expect around 4-5 days more racing before we finish and motor the rest of the way to Panama.

Last night we saw the most beautiful lunar eclipse, with a full moon in a cloudless sky. The earth's shadow began to cross the moon from the lower left slowly covering it till there was just a slither of brightly lit moon left, then it was entirely covered. It was still visible though, and it turned a beautiful deep red, lit by light refracting around the earth's atmosphere.

With the moon gone, the stars became more visible and we were treated to a view of the Southern Cross off the starboard bow. It was a beautiful experience, and a real highlight of the trip so far.

Wish us luck for the rest of the race!


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