Thrings discusses Renters Reform Bill at Bath landlords event

Thrings lawyer talks about renters reform bill

One of the biggest changes in policy to the private rented sector for decades, the Renters Reform Bill, said to be a once in a generation change to residential tenancies, is set to make waves as it progresses through Parliament on its way to becoming law.

With aspects from across the industry set to be influenced by the Bill, landlords need to be fully aware of what is to come and this week at the Bath Landlords Conference, Michael Tatters, Partner in the Thrings Property Litigation team, did just that by breaking down the what’s, how’s, why’s and when’s of what the Bill will bring.

The event, organised by the Bath Landlords Forum, took place at the Francis Hotel, with around 50 guests present from across the city and the sector to learn from and quiz the experts on how the Bill is set to affect them.

Highlighting the headline changes that the Bill is set to introduce, Michael discussed how it will:

  • End no reason/no fault evictions, providing greater flexibility and protection for tenants but is potentially bad news for landlords owing to the loss of certainty and the loss of certainty and a significant degree of control over possession of their property;
  • Abolish assured shorthold tenancies (ASTs) and Section 21 Notices which enable landlords to evict tenants either after a fixed term tenancy ends or during a tenancy with no fixed end date;
  • Potentially make the eviction process slower and more expensive for landlords by giving tenants the right to continue renting their property until the landlord can prove one of a limited number of eviction grounds;
  • Introduce compulsory registration of landlords on a central database, with fines for those who fail to join, with a new Ombudsman being created to oversee the process;
  • Impact the likes of rent increases, student lettings, deposit protections and financial penalties and offences.

Michael Tatters, Partner in the Thrings Property Litigation team, said: “The Renters Reform Bill is the most profound shake up of the sector in recent generations and it is important for landlords to understand the proposed changes and their rights, their responsibilities and how the landscape is set to change.

“It was a pleasure to be invited by the Bath Landlords Forum to speak at their latest conference. It was clear that there are plenty of questions and concerns around what the Bill means to the industry and the businesses and individuals within. With the expert advice on hand from across all the speakers at the event, I am sure Bath is now on a better footing as the Bill moves forward in preparation for it becoming law.” For further advice,

Thrings’ Property Litigation lawyers experienced in breaking down complex legislation impacting landlords and tenants as well as reaching resolution in property disputes, often without recourse to court proceedings. The team also boasts an excellent track record when cases do go to Court. Contact us for more information.

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