Thrings duo to offer advice to Bath landlords at upcoming conference

Thrings advice at Bath Landlord Conference

Thrings’ Property Litigation team will be discussing the latest legislation affecting rented properties at the upcoming Bath Landlord Conference this week.

Being held at the Francis Hotel in Bath on Wednesday, 27 March, the event brings together landlords from across the city to discuss areas ranging from navigating the rental market and enhancing investment returns to complying with the latest regulations.

Joining the panel at this year’s conference will be Legal Director Simon McIlroy and Legal Executive Katie McAlone from the Thrings Property Litigation Team, who will be exploring landlord strategies post-Renters Reform Bill and providing insights for navigating these long-awaited regulatory changes.

Simon McIlroy said: “We are eager to delve into the complexities of landlord possession rights following the introduction of the Renters Reform Bill and provide valuable clarity on the upcoming changes. Our focus will be on clarifying the pathways for landlords to reclaim possession, navigating through the pivotal grounds outlined in the bill, including scenarios such as landlord property sales.”

To find out more about the event, click here.

Thrings’ Property Litigation lawyers experienced in breaking down complex legislation impacting landlords and tenants as well as reaching resolution in property disputes, often without recourse to court proceedings. The team also boasts an excellent track record when cases do go to court. Contact us for more information.

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