We made it to Bermuda!

After a really exciting race team Zhuhai finished 6th, but ahead of the top 2 boats in the overall standings.

We made a great start, leading the race for the first 36hrs and holding off both Qingdao amd WTC logistics in head to head racing. Unfortunately we then gambled on sailing off the most direct line, to try to get better wind, which didnt happen, so we ended up with no wind, and  right at the back of the fleet. After a frustrating 3 days of little wind (but with the opportunity to view Guantanamo Bay for much longet tham expected!), we picked up speed again. The lead boats had sailed off the most direct line to avoid a windhole, and we found ourselves back in the middle of the fleet, with the potential of a better wind angle to the finish. After a nail biting 4 days of racing (but 1300 miles overall) we finished an hour behind Unicef, and an hour in front of Qingdao. We were really pleased with our performance, and we're now looking forward to taking our "Zhuhai Romantic Racing" approach into the short race to New York starting on Sunday 20th June. Wish us luck!