Attending assessment centres

Take five guide - Attending assessment centres  

Assessment centres are often the final gateway to securing a spot on a traineeship and can be perceived as a stressful environment, even if you are fully prepared. Here are some tips on how best to make use of the experience and give yourself the best chance of being chosen.


1. Preparation is the key to success

Prepare - It’s simple as that. Do your research on the firm and make sure you know what it does. Make sure you are presentable on the day and endeavour to remain confident and positive. Plan for the kind of answers you might be asked in an interview and take your time to respond in order to give the best possible answer.

2. Demonstrate genuine interest

Interviewers don’t just want someone who is looking for a job. They want to see that you want this job at this firm. By showing an interest in the firm, its practice areas and its principles, it will help create a memorable first impression.

3. Stand out as an individual

You are attending an assessment centre to be considered for a job so give them every reason to pick you. Be dynamic and positive, allowing your voice to be heard, rather than to fade into the background.

4. Work as a team

As a lawyer you will be working just as much within a team as you will on your own and this will be reflected in the assessment centre. When you are in a group, make sure you are cooperative and are fulfilling your assigned roles to ensure the best outcome for the activity. Where you can, try to take a leadership role but avoid being unnecessarily confrontational.

5. Follow up afterwards/connect

Once the assessment centre has concluded, make sure to connect on social with those who you worked well with. Also reach out to the representatives from the firm – often HR – to thank them for the opportunity and ask for any feedback they might be able to share.

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