Like many other law firms, Thrings LLP and the names of its partners (members), lawyers and other staff are at risk of being used in connection with fraudulent schemes using emails, letters or phone calls. These scams may take many forms and are subject to constant change.

Some scams that we have been made aware of are:

  • Interception of e-mails

We are aware that hackers may intercept emails between individuals and their law firm especially in relation to transfers of money. The scammer then requests a payment to be made to a different bank account.

  • Imitation of individuals within a law firm

We are aware that third parties may attempt to imitate individuals within a firm to try to get authorisation of a scam to obtain money by way of property, bank transfers etc. This list is unfortunately not exhaustive.

Please exhibit caution in relation to any unexpected or unusual communications, particularly if they exhibit any of the above features. Do not respond to these types of communications and do not give over bank details.

If you have any concerns that correspondence may not be from someone in Thrings LLP, please visit the ‘Our People’ section of our website to check the individual’s contact details. If you receive a suspicious request from someone purporting to be from Thrings LLP, please send it as an attachment, along with any accompanying documentation, to quality& and we will investigate it.

You can find further information on scams on the Solicitors Regulation Authority website here.