Kathryn Bew

Kathryn Bew

Bath 2 Queen Square Bath BA1 2HQ
Telephone 01225 340 114
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Partner - Family

Kathryn is a key part of our Family Team and a member of Resolution, an organisation for family justice professionals in England and Wales. She primarily advises clients through divorce and separation proceedings, working as a collaborative lawyer to minimise the strain of the process. Her work involves both the financial aspects of separation as well as disputes regarding children. In addition to divorce settlements, Kathryn has extensive experience in pre- and post-nuptial agreements and cohabitation rights.

With a focus on cases where high financial values are involved, Kathryn helps clients understand the implications of agreements for related tax, pensions, trusts and businesses. She also has expertise in handling arrangements for farm estates.

Private Client

Having practised in family law for over 25 years, Kathryn has developed a deep expertise on all aspects of separation and divorce proceedings. She helps her clients resolve complex disputes, often involving financial assets and property located across multiple jurisdictions as well as pensions, trusts and company assets. Working for clients ranging from the public to the private sector and company directors to farming families, Kathryn utilises her strong professional relationships with a range of property valuers, tax experts and accountants to ensure the best outcomes are achieved.

Throughout her work, Kathryn works hard to ensure that individuals going through a relationship breakdown maintain a constructive and civil relationship, especially if children are involved. This means being pragmatic, straight-talking and supportive and always working towards an agreement rather than a court-imposed decision. Although, of course, she is a skilled representative of her clients if an agreement is not forthcoming.

Kathryn’s relevant experience includes:

  • acquiring a favourable outcome for a client with substantial trust interests that were challenged by the other party who had a business and property portfolio based outside the jurisdiction
  • overseeing the negotiation process on behalf of a client with a substantial property portfolio including foreign properties, which involved liaising with Chinese experts, UK tax specialists and lending institutions
  • acting on a collaborative basis for a client to negotiate an arrangement involving a dispute over children leaving the jurisdiction
  • representing a member of the Armed Forces through divorce proceedings following a short marriage. A pre-marital cohabitation dispute was involved, yet the outcome was successful with a clean break settlement and no pension sharing order
  • acting for a client who was part of a complex farming partnership through divorce and financial negotiations, resulting in successfully preserving trust interests