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Blockchain is a game-changing innovation, and not just in the way companies operate and manage their data. While the technology has the potential to transform a wide range of business tasks, it is also changing the legal environment in which companies operate.

The benefits of adopting blockchain could be significant, but it is crucial you have a legal partner that has both the legal expertise and the technical understanding to ensure you use it as effectively as possible. Our legal experts will keep you up to date on relevant regulation for blockchain technologies, helping you to embrace innovation and unlock long-term value.

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A lot of businesses are enthusiastic about the possibilities of blockchain, but there is also still some hesitation and uncertainty. As with any new technology, many companies are reluctant to commit to blockchain due to a lack of confidence.

Thrings is leading the way in providing cross-practice technical and regulatory advice for blockchain technologies. We are legal experts who can also delve into the nuts and bolts of the technology, working seamlessly with our Blockchain Consultancy team to provide practical guidance on everything blockchain-related.

We will help you to address the important considerations and complex challenges of adopting blockchain. We can assess the validity of your smart contracts, make sure you are aware of your legal responsibilities, ensure the effective management of cryptoassets, safeguard your intellectual property and protect you from damaging blockchain related disputes. This is about more than regulatory compliance and we will work with you to ensure you are well-placed to take advantage of the opportunities blockchain presents.

Along with our partners, we can offer your business a full blockchain advisory service, helping you gain maximum benefit from the technology. We can provide:

  • Smart contract audits and assessments of the validity of your smart legal agreements
  • Regulatory advice relating to blockchain technologies
  • Guidance on family matters, trusts, wills and probate, where blockchain is involved and needs to be valued and potentially liquidated
  • Advice on the compliant management of cryptoassets
  • Assistance in blockchain disputes, such as those around intellectual property and erroneous smart contract execution
  • Guidance on risk and compliance relating to adoption of distributed ledger technologies



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