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60 seconds with Robert Barnes, Partner, Commercial Property

Robert Barnes, Partner, Commercial Property

 What motivated you to become a lawyer?

I’d always wanted to study geography at university but it was a discussion I had at a careers fair where I was told with my grades I should consider medicine or law. On that advice, I gave it some thought and eventually ended up taking a law degree – a decision I am really glad I made!

Why do you specialise in commercial property? 

I was attracted to that area of the law as the work tends to suit an analytical mind but also require a large dose of pragmatism and commercial thinking. As fascinating as law is, I enjoy working collaboratively with clients and their other professional advisors to understand the wider aims and objectives of a matter and then ensure the legal elements of the work are dealt with those in mind.

Can you highlight a case or a standout moment that was particularly interesting? 

Having to include reference to polonium 210 (a radioactive isotope) as a potential contaminant at a property in replies to enquires always stands out as a surreal moment in my career.

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

My role involves a significant amount of day-to-day contact with clients, colleagues and other solicitors, whether face-to-face or via video calls. I enjoy the human interaction and on whatever level getting to know different people.

What do you like to do outside of work? 

Football has always been a main passion of mine, both playing and following the highs and (mainly) lows of Torquay United. Generally, though, I enjoy playing any sports and trying to keep an element of fitness is important with any office-based job.

If you weren't a lawyer what would you do? 

I had always thought about becoming a primary school teacher and even went as far as completing the application forms many years ago (but no further than that!)

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