Getting to know… Bethan Hill-Howells

Long-jumping, Big Apple fan Bethan is known for her patience, just don’t get her stuck in a traffic jam!

Tell us a little about your work

I’m a Solicitor in the Family Team at Thrings, based out of the Bristol office. I deal with a range of matters from divorce and finances, Cohabitation Agreements through to complex Children Act proceedings. As my career has been progressing, I’ve begun to specialise in private Children Act work dealing with a range of matters including complex issues around Parental Alienation, coercive and controlling behaviours, as well as Finding of Fact hearings.

Tell us something about yourself that is not widely known

When I was younger, I competed for Wales in athletics. I made some friends for life, and I have memories that I will always cherish. However, I decided to give it all up and become a lawyer and I have never looked back.

Where is your favourite spot in the world?

Holiday wise, it would have to be New York City. It’s a place like no other, and somewhere that never gets old. My other favourite place in the world is at home with my family and my dogs, with a glass of wine in hand. As the old saying goes, home is where the heart is.

Name someone, living or dead, who you would invite to your fantasy dinner party

I don’t think I can pick just one person. I would say Gordon Ramsay (specifically for the food), then Elton John for the music, and then Barack and Michelle Obama because they are just delightful.

What, if anything, makes your blood boil?

Traffic jams. I am generally a patient person, except for when I am stuck in gridlock M32 traffic, specifically on the dual carriageway into Bristol. That and when I order a rose wine when out for dinner and it’s dry, not sweet (it’s always a risk!)

Describe yourself in three words

Driven, ambitious, pragmatic

Find out more about Bethan, visit her professional profile here.