Getting to know... Partner Mike Westbrook

Mike is a bicycle-loving partner in the Private Client team advising on personal tax and estate planning issues. He specialises in helping people who own businesses, land and farms to manage their assets and pass them down to the next generation in a sensible and tax-efficient way.


Why Private Client?

I started out in my career thinking I had to be a corporate lawyer for some reason, but I had the opportunity to try private client work at an early stage and really enjoyed it. Being involved in advising on a client’s personal matters offers a unique opportunity to work closely with people and to help them through what can be quite tricky situations and decisions.

Tell us something about yourself that is not widely known?

I’m slightly obsessed with bicycles. Probably more with the bikes themselves than riding them, although I enjoy that too. I have about six, all told, but two are more like decorative garden features.

Favourite holiday destination?

My favourite holiday destination has to be India. We went as a family a few years ago when our kids were very young. All the internet forums I could find said it was a terrible idea, but it was great. We stayed in the north and it was hectic, but so immersive that we just didn’t have the opportunity to think about work (or much else) – which was in itself relaxing.

We’re currently planning when we can next go back.

What makes you happy?

Riding and tinkering with my bike(s).

Taking my kids swimming on a Saturday morning.

Getting five minutes’ peace and quiet on a weekend (I think the last time was seven years ago).

What advice would you give your younger self?

Try not to worry about stuff so much. Things generally work out.

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