Making scents of investment

For many businesses the best way to accelerate growth and development into new markets is through investment from a third party. When British perfume house Perfumer H was approached by a business partner with global reach it was a logical next step to enlist the support of Thrings’ Corporate team to secure the deal.


Founded in 2015 by perfumer Lyn Harris, Perfumer H is renowned for incorporating natural ingredients and sustainability in the core of its business.

The investment deal was struck with Fable Investments, the newly created corporate venture capital arm of Brazilian cosmetics giant Natura & Co.

It was the first investment for Fable– led by director Thomas Buisson and Michael O’Keeffe, CEO of global skin care brand Aesop, also owned by Natura & Co - but seemed a natural fit.

Perfumer H was looking to increase its scale, while retaining the soul of its business, through its association with Fable.

Lyn Harris’ outstanding industry reputation was a key aspect of the Perfumer H investment, with Buisson and O’Keeffe describing her as someone “who broke the mould”.

Buisson said: “We were really impressed by the dedication with which Lyn developed the library of fragrances and the way she managed to really combine exceptional workmanship with a sense of real creativity and have fragrance that was not trying to follow any kind of commercial trends.”

O’Keeffe added: “Lyn has built into her business model the concept of circularity and refill of the perfumes and the candles and that type of model fits really well into the wider Natura & Co. perspective.”

The Perfumer H investment was completed by Kevin McGuinness, a partner in Thrings’ Corporate team, who advised Harris, Michel and Perfumer H. He was assisted by corporate solicitor Joseph Watkins. Partner Jeremy Nixon handled the employment aspects of the deal.

Christophe Michel said: “Having worked with Kevin for many years, it felt entirely appropriate to appoint him and his team to oversee this important step for Perfumer H.

“Kevin’s expertise and commitment, combined with his approach to negotiations, were truly instrumental in getting the deal over the line.”

Kevin McGuinness added: “This investment is a critical next stage for Perfumer H and its development. I was delighted that Lyn and Christophe chose Thrings to advise, with the benefit of our 17-year relationship, and well-known expertise in high-end retail, perfume and cosmetics, and early-stage businesses.”

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