21st April 2016

Business community on track to celebrate Swindon's heritage

A programme of community events, art trails, festivals, education, heritage and history exhibitions will enable people in Swindon to celebrate the milestone – including an exhibition on renowned railway engineer Sir Daniel Gooch and his role in creating the town.

Meanwhile, Swindon175 will also provide an opportunity for Swindon to reinforce its credentials as a leading commercial destination and remind people of the town’s strong and impressive track record in economic innovation.

During the course of the year, Thrings will bring together members of the town’s thriving business community by hosting a series of networking events and VIP lunches. The first of these – entitled the Hooty Party, in honour of the infamous Swindon Railway works hooter – takes place on 18 May at Swindon’s STEAM museum.

Business West, in conjunction with STEAM, is leading the year of celebration which has already got the support many local organisations including GWR, Total Guide to Swindon, Arkell’s Brewery, Thamesdown Transport, Deacons, British Land and Beard.

Joanna Apperley, commercial solicitor at Thrings, says: “Back in 1841 the GWR directors gave their approval for the Swindon railway works to be built, and it’s incredible to think that the people of Swindon have the opportunity to celebrate their town and its proud history because of a decision made all those years ago.

“But more than that, Swindon has evolved into a thriving business destination and is today home to internationally-renowned businesses such as Honda, Intel, MAN Truck & Bus, Motorola, Nationwide and WHSmith. We hope that through Swindon175, people are reminded that Swindon is a place which embraces business, encourages enterprise and rewards hard work.

“Thrings’ association with Swindon can be traced back to the early part of the 18th century, but we remain equally committed to the town’s future. We are very pleased to be supporting a project which celebrates Swindon heritage, highlights its many qualities as a place to live and showcases some of the world-leading work being carried out by individuals and businesses here.”

Caroline Black, Swindon175 project manager, adds: "In 1841 the Great Western Railway was about commerce and linking the business communities of the South West. Our partnership with Thrings will be about celebrating the heritage of Swindon's businesses, recognising those that have grown and flourished, and promoting the town's business excellence."

For more information about Swindon175, please look at the brochure or visit www.swindon175.com.

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