MP joins business leaders to assess post-Brexit era for Wiltshire

In the months since the historic referendum vote – a period, according to the Office for National Statistics, in which the UK economy grew by 0.5% - debate about what Brexit could mean for Britain and its ability to compete on the world stage has continued.

Against this backdrop, more than 80 businesses from across Wiltshire will join Robert Buckland, MP for South Swindon, at a Brexit Breakfast on Friday 4 November at the Drakes Meadow offices of leading commercial law firm, Thrings.

The event will comprise a panel discussion – chaired by Thrings corporate partner, John Davies – about how Brexit could affect Wiltshire businesses owners, what they can do to prepare, and how getting their businesses in shape now could help them make the most of any commercial opportunities in the future.

Topics under discussion are set to include commercial contracts, the impact of Brexit on immigration and the employment of EEA workers, international trade and UK businesses’ supply chains, and intellectual property and compliance with the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws.

Audience members will also be able to gain further insight by taking part in a question and answer session with panellists Robert Buckland MP, James Monk, director of commercial services at Business West, and Thrings partners Kate WestbrookGraeme Fearon and Kerrie Hunt.

Kate Westbrook said: “The high court judgement is an interesting twist in the Brexit story, raising further questions around the future of the UK with respect to the EU. Theresa May’s government has already announced that it will appeal, meaning Brexit as planned by the Prime Minister cannot be ruled out.

"Our clients and other businesses may still be impacted in a number of ways, whether as a result of immigration rules affecting their workforce, the nature of contracts with European suppliers and customers, intellectual property and data protection rights or other. The key is to begin to assess which parts of their businesses will be affected and to prepare for a smooth transition when the time comes.”

The Brexit Breakfast is being supported by Business West and Swindon175, the year-long initiative dedicated to celebrating the birth of Swindon as a railway town.

The event starts at 7.30am, and will conclude at 9.00am, after which guests will have the opportunity to network and chat to members of the panel and other Thrings solicitors about any of the issues arising from the discussion.

To register for the free-to-attend Brexit Breakfast, or to request further information, please click here or contact Harriet Williams on / 0117 374 9622.

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