Thrings’ Family week

Welcome to the start of Thrings’ Family week.

Our Family team works on all areas of family life from marriage and pre-nups to divorce and custody of children. Financial disputes often come with the breakdown of a marriage, and we are experienced in working through complex arrangements involving anything from overseas assets, farming and agricultural assets to pensions, trusts and tax. So, whatever the circumstances of separation, our teams will support you throughout and help you to achieve the best outcome.

This week we will be sharing insights into how to cope with some of the challenges of family life as well as giving you the chance to get to know our team a little better. Keep an eye on our website and across our social platforms for more details.

We start with our first piece of content around the subject of how to manage Christmas when you are separated from your spouse.

For further information please contact Matthew Kellow, Head of the Family team.