Thrings’ Harvey Davies to discuss environmental initiatives at Farmers Weekly seminar

financially benefit from environmental land management schemes

How farmers and landowners can financially benefit from environmental land management schemes is the topic of an upcoming Farmers Weekly seminar, featuring Thrings.

With farmers across the country facing increased financial pressure due to reductions in basic payment scheme (BPS) income as well as increased costs and very challenging weather conditions, they are being encouraged to turn to the range of options emerging in the private sector to ensure the future of their business.

This issue is set to be the focus for the latest in Farmers Weekly’s Transition Webinars, advising farmers on how they can adapt their businesses to benefit from changes to farming policy, with the panel featuring Harvey Davies, Farmer and Solicitor in Thrings’ Planning and Environment team.

As part of the panel for the online event taking place on Thursday, 18 April, Harvey will be discussing the benefits of initiatives such as Biodiversity Net Gain and other natural capital markets, how to monetise them and understanding the contracts and legalities that sit behind them.

Harvey Davies, Solicitor in the Thrings Planning and Environment team, said: “Keeping a farm financially afloat is becoming increasingly more challenging and farmers need to be looking to the ever-evolving list of private sector options out there if they are to keep their business viable in the long term.

“I’m looking forward to examining the various opportunities currently available as part of this event’s panel and discussing the key indicators that farmers need to consider when deciding what initiatives are right for them.”

To find out more about the seminar and to register, click here.

Thrings’ Planning and Environment lawyers have extensive experience in navigating complex local and national planning policy legislation and has successfully supported commercial and residential applications through the approval and appeal processes. To find out more and for advice on your development proposals, including how to address enforcement notices, please get in touch.

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