Adjusting to a new seat

Take five guide - Adjusting to a new seat  

During a trainee’s time working towards qualification at Thrings, they will change across a variety of practice areas to give them a range of experience. Settling in quickly is important in order to hit the ground running so here are some tips on adjusting to a new seat.


1. Get to know your colleagues

Each seat will see you join a different team. For all you know, this could be the area of law you set your sights on and this could be your future permanent team so make the effort to get to know them, their areas of expertise and how you can best learn from them and support them in their roles.

2. Get to know your clients

Teams across the firm will have a range of established clients that you are likely to be engaging with during your time in the seat. Read up on the past work they have used the firm for and whether there is anything ongoing that you could offer to support.

3. Read up on current matters within the sector

Whether you are joining a team specialising in corporate, agriculture or family law, there is always something interesting going on that impacts their work. Take the time to understand the recent changes to law, notable relevant stories in the news and what is on the horizon.

4. Share knowledge with other trainees

Whilst you are entering your new seat, you are departing your previous one – with someone else likely to be filling your shoes. Make sure that you are providing a comprehensive handover to help ease their transition detailing the team, the clients and the work. With any luck, the predecessor in your new team will have done the same for you.

5. Engage in content creation

Thrings is always looking to demonstrate its expertise to current and prospective clients across its key sectors, including through the creation of online content. A proactive approach to coming up with new ideas for content will hold you in good stead with your new team and demonstrate your ever-expanding expertise.

Assisting in the creation of content is also helpful at the end of your traineeship when you are likely to interview for a permanent role and need to demonstrate how you stand out from the competition.


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Thrings is an award-winning law firm that is ranked highly by the Legal 500 directories as one of the best firms in the UK for trainees. To find out more about opportunities within the firm, visit our careers page.

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