Health and wealth check

Take five guide - Health and wealth check    

Keeping on top of your legal affairs may be something that gets put off – to be dealt with another day. However, it’s important to take stock and decide if your affairs are in order, and if your loved ones are fully protected.  


1. What life stage am I in?  

There are many stages that people may go through including marriage, purchasing a property, the birth of a child, divorce, cohabitation, retirement, downsizing or being diagnosed with a serious illness. Depending on the stage you’re at – you may need different documents to protect your loved ones and make sure your affairs are in order.  


2. What documents do I need? 

The documents you might need include: a Will, lasting Power of Attorney for your finances, lasting Power of Attorney for your personal welfare, an advanced directive or Living Will and a Declaration of Trust. 

3. Do I need to update my documents?     

If there are gaps, we will guide you on how best to rectify them, and give you clear information about any costs involved. In turn, you will gain the peace of mind that comes with knowing your loved ones are protected, that your paperwork is in order and knowing it will help make their lives a little easier at a difficult time.  


4. What would happen if I don’t have them?    

Without these important documents, your family may be unsure  about what you intended or wanted, and you could be running the risk of your estate being passed to the wrong people. You may unintentionally disinherit those for whom you wish to provide. Your beneficiaries may have to pay unnecessary Inheritance Tax and your investment in property could be disregarded. If you were to lose mental capacity through illness or age-related disease, an application to the Court of Protection would be needed, causing delay and extra cost. If you were too unwell to communicate, you would have no say over how your medical treatment was handled.  

5. Who should I contact?   

At Thrings, we have extensive experience providing legal advice to clients regarding their health and wealth. If you need support, please contact us to discuss how we can help you.


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