Has agriculture ever faced such an uncertain future?

Join us as Thrings’ annual agriculture seminar goes digital.

For over 30 years Thrings has held its annual agriculture seminar to discuss the latest topics affecting the rural sector. Traditionally the seminar is held at the Royal Agriculture University in Cirencester but this year, we are going digital.

Like all events, the seminar has had to be cancelled but, in the spirit of keeping in contact with all those who normally attend, we have decided to hold the seminar in another guise.

As part of Thrings’ Business Health Matters webinar series, this month Agriculture will feature and, although it is a shortened version of the normal seminar, guests will have the opportunity to hear about the latest news in the industry.

Entitled “Has agriculture ever faced such an uncertain future and what are the opportunities?”, the interactive webinar (on Tuesday 17 November at 4pm) will feature topics such as the implications of the Agriculture Bill for tenant farmers; the pleasures and pitfalls of family farm succession; the recent changes affecting rural planning; and the opportunities for farmers to diversify.

Chaired by Mark Charter, the webinar will comprise informal presentations from Duncan Signournay, Russell Reeves, Alex Madden and, last but not least, Mark Charter himself.

To join the webinar, register here.


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