Timeline unveiled for “nature positive” development

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New developments in England will be required to take further steps in protecting and enhancing nature from November this year under Government rules announced this week.

Developers in England will be required to deliver 10% Biodiversity Net Gain when building new housing, industrial or commercial developments so there is a positive benefit for nature – formalising an expectation already held by many local authorities across the country.

The push for “nature positive” development will be backed by £16 million of funding for Planning Authorities and guidance to support the new approach. Small sites will have until April 2024 to meet the standards, with exemptions given for developments such as self-build.

Developers will be required to demonstrate how they are replacing and improving biodiversity, including through on-site improvements and by paying for improvements elsewhere.

Natalia Sokolov, Lead for the Clean Energy and Environment Team, said: “The Government’s introduction of biodiversity net gain in new developments have been expected for some time and it is helpful to finally have a timeline that developers can use to ensure the new requirements are met.

“This is just one element of the huge changes required across the development lifecycle to achieve Net Zero targets. With the new requirements set to come into force for most sites in November, and next year for smaller sites, housebuilders and commercial developers should look to use this time effectively and fully understand what is expected of them by seeking advice now.”

Thrings’ Clean Energy and Environment Team advises developers and landowners on the legal aspects of clean energy, environment and biodiversity. We are here to support you on your pathway to Net Zero. 

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